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我们组织的旅游是量身定制的,可以根据您的要求定制,只需包括撒哈拉沙漠之旅和4×4车辆游览,体验骆驼旅行和夜宿在营地或Bivouac由传统游牧民族帐篷在沙丘内的绿洲的Erg Chebbi(梅尔祖加)或Erg Chegaga在Zagora附近。

我们所有的旅行团可以从摩洛哥的任何地方开始,包括:卡萨布兰卡,阿加迪尔,丹吉尔,拉巴特,梅克内斯,菲斯或马拉喀什。如果你喜欢从Fes(一个中世纪城市)开始,你将穿过中部的阿特拉斯山脉和雪松森林来看猴子(Barbary Apes),如果你从摩洛哥的红色城市和主要的旅游城市马拉喀什开始,您将通过Tizi Ntichka(2260 米)的通行证,探索Telouat,Ait benhaddou,Ouarzazate的Taubirt,Agdez的Tamnaugalt和Skoura棕榈树丛中的Amridil的Kasbahs,闻到玫瑰山谷中的粉红玫瑰并发现戴德和托德拉的峡谷,并在达斯谷观看人体的岩层,至少在撒哈拉沙漠上度过1到2夜,观看其魔法和魅力,骑单峰骆驼,并会见沙漠友好的游牧民族,睡在山羊头发的帐篷里。只是,来体验撒哈拉以及山区游牧民族的生活方式,他们也住在洞穴里。

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Mint Fu

Mint Fu


Fantastic desert tour!!!

Scott B review on tripadvisor

Scott Bradbeer


"Sahara Desert Trip from Fes
This company was very professional from the time of inquiry all the way until the end of the trip, they answered emails and questions very thoroughly in the beginning and delivered a great product in the end..."

clara review on tripadvisor

Clara C

Malta, Europ

"... Our driver, Hassan was a great companion! He was super friendly and answered all our questions and we ended up with a friend a long the way! The night in the desert was beautiful, the food was amazing and the atmosphere was very fun!! Highly recommend this trip :) "

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