To secure your tour with us, a deposit is required some days before your date and the more you book early the more it is better. Securing a tour means: ensuring that a driver/guide will come to pick you up and start your tour and enjoy the itinerary and at night you will find your accommodation(Room/tent) arranged with all the included package.

We are using many and different methods, that you are going to learn about in this section, we will start with the deposit and later the rest of payment after the deposit is done correctly:

Deposit & Confirmation:

We need to receive 1100MAD as a final amount to our bank, The deposit is for the whole tour and NOT per person ( Applicable for private tours not shared tours )

Remarque: When you receive the email of booking you will need to book in the coming 48 Hours counting from our sent time, otherwise you will need to check our availability in your dates, because sometimes and suddenly we receive a request from a big group, therefore all the places might will have filled and we close off booking.

Below are the methods you can use to send the deposit; every method charges up to 25EURO fees depending on each method and location. ( The deposit must cover the total fees of transfer service and currency conversion)

  • Transfer Wise (Online platform)  This method is the best and the cheaper one, so we encourage using it, you can easily create an account or use your Credit Card directly. Total fees vary just around 5 Euros to receive 1100 MAD as a final amount to our local bank. Once the payment done, Transfer Wise will send us an email immediately, so that we can see and confirm your tour soon as possible.
  • PayPal:  Total fees fixed at 10 Euros(4Euros Transfer+ ~6 Euros service&conversion fees) included for us to receive 1100 MAD as a final amount to our bank. PayPal is the quickest way but  TransferWise is cheaper.

  • Bank Account:  This method takes a week from outside Morocco to receive the deposit, anyway if your date is far or you are inside Morocco you can use it, Transfer fees vary around 22 Euros to receive 1100 MAD from outside Morocco, and 0 fees inside Morocco using MAD currency and the same bank (Banque Pupulaire). But TransferWise uses the same details and it is still the best.

  • Western Union or MoneyGram:  The agent will provide you with a Tracking Number (MTCN) that you need to send us, Transfer fees vary up to 25 Euros to r 1100 MAD. But TransferWise  is cheaper and it is the best.

  • Pay it CASH: If you are already in Morocco, we can send a representative to your accommodation to get the deposit (1100MAD), so you will need to provide us with your hotel address and phone number to find you.


Rest of the payment

If you have sent the deposit and everything was done correctly, the remainder in CASH will be: X-100EUR, with X is the total tour priceWe recommend to bring and  pay the remainder in CASH in the beginning or during the tour, we accept EURO, MAD or USD.  Note that 1 EUR = 11 MAD.  or  transfer it  to our bank account(transfer must cover all fees, and if there is a difference, we will inform you how much we received and when you start the tour you will need to complete the payment). also if you want to pay using a credit card on a POS system when you’re in Morocco, the service provider will charge you  with 5% of the total paid amount which is not recommended.



Cancellation Policy​: To show serious and avoid all conflicts it is a must to decide definitely whether you are coming with us or not and ask about all your questions to make things 100% clear without any doubt,  because in case of cancellation the deposit is not refundable, except in case of an emergency we can study your situation and give you a second chance by changing your date. We try to make all points clear and pure to get respect of our guests.

  • In case of any cancellation the deposit is not refundable.

    Cancellation 15 Days or less prior to the tour date will require the rest of  payment.


    Cancellation 16 Days or more prior to the tour date, and in case you already sent us the rest of payment, we will refund only your “Rest of payment”,  using our preferred payment method as our choice, and all fees will be included.


For your information: the used currency in Morocco is MAD (Moroccan Dirham), there are banks and ATM everywhere you go  and you can withdraw money using (VISA, MasterCard..) as you can pay directly using your Credit card in some shops and places, however it is recommended to bring enough cash with you, to avoid any technical issue that can happen with your card/ATM.
For more currencies  conversion please refer to the  XE official website here:

 The XE Currency Converter Services



Please after sending the deposit, kindly let us know to confirm your tour and then add it to our database, You will find a quick list of questions to answer here: List of questions after booking